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Kite was born out of a hope to create a more communicative and coordinated neighborhood. As we started to talk to people and design the technology, something emerged. The traditional idea of “the neighborhood” has been dying. People no longer engage on a local level. 

We shed a tear for this too. But what is occurring may become an ever more transparent, and communicative neighborhood. The idea of local simply has been changing. Moving away from bounds of location and toward bounds of interest. Work, or pleasure it didn’t matter anymore. There are no more hard lines of what constitutes a neighborhood. And because of the amount of choice, we’re learning and solving problems faster than ever before. 

So we thought we'd build an app that could scale with this in mind. Using the best practices of successful technologies that already exist and that people are already using. Two of the most successful models of today for this is Uber and Slack. They both attempt to make communication seamless. Uber made the coordination between the rider and the driver that don’t know each other seamless. Slack made communication between office team members and their workflow of information simpler. Both of these apps capitalize on delivering the right information to the right person at the right place and time. We found that an horizontal product that could make coordination as seamless as uber, while making information distribution and communication as simple as slack, would be equipped to better local and global coordination. So we built Kite. 

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Jeremy, Founder

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